Monday, September 10, 2007

the bloody nerve!!!

im happy.. Mr Nice guy ha been upgraded to Mr awesome guy in my eyes... so much so, that he came home to meet my family yesterday... (yes, it is that serious) and then, this morning, as i start cjhecking my emails, and facebook etc, i get a 'friend request' from none other than .... yep. you guessed it.. The loser guy!!! i know that it shouldnt bother me.. i shouldnt care, and i should perhaps just ignore teh request, but im pissed off!! what kind of fool does he take me for? it ended months ago! the last two times that he smsed me, i ignored it, and he still has the freaking nerve to search for me on facebook, and WANT to be my friend???

i want to send him a really sweet.. but nasty message, and him to go and *&#* himself, but i dont know what to say without sounding like I care.. he didnt know that i knew that he was seeing that other girl at the same time as me, and i want to ket him know, that i did know, and i dont appreciate being taken for a fool.. arggh, i wish someone could just hit the arrogrant prick!!! and to top it all.. he sends the request with the same pic that he sent to me (by email) before we met ? and the worse of it: (im still trying to figure out if its just coincidence or if he did this on purpose) but, i met him exactly one yr ago-yesterday!!!

p.s. any ideas on how i could reply to the loser?