Friday, July 28, 2006

Its none of your business !!!

Im going to start off with some happy thoughts, cos im quite angry about the main topic that im gonna post about...

when i got to my lab this morning, there was one perfect pink rose in a beaker (yes, a beaker) on my desk. it was so beautiful, however, there was no note attached to it, so, i made it my mission of the day, to find out where the rose came from... I asked every single person in ther entire department, but no-one knows where it came from, app. its been there since about 7 this morning... so, it would seem as though one of my many wishes came true, and even though i didnt get an entire bouquet, i did get some sort of Flora for my birthday .. yay!!!

now for the upsetting part...
my mum and dad, and dad's brother and his wife, went to visit a cousin cos he and his family were held up, in their home a few days ago, and the man and his wife were beaten uip quite badly. (shame)
anyway, this is a snippet of the conversation that took plasce btw the three ladies:

B**** Aunty: How was your son's wedding?
Mum: oh, it went very well.
BA: but he is so young, my nephew (who is a dumb ass) doesnt want to get married just yet, he says he is enjoying life ... SILENCE ...
BA: you know, my daughters are studing arabic from home, because they said they dont want to go to university, if parents know what there children get up to at the campuses, they wont allow there children to go...
BA: (without allowing either mum or my aunt to say anything) Isn't your daughter still at campus? she has been there for soooo many years!!!
Mum: yes, but its not like shes there because she is faling or anything, she is finishing her Masters this yr.
BA: silence (cos, the dumb B**** prob. doesnt know what Msc is!!)

then she says:
you know, I dont allow my daughters to take the car and go anywhere alone, but we always see your daughter coming into the complex to fetch her friend "S" . My daughters just sit at home!!!
Mum: its not like like go to strange places or anything, but, you cant keep them locked at home you know ....

What the F*** is wrong with this woman... she is FAR family, she sees me once every 24 months (if she is lucky) and she sat with my mum, and tried finding faults about me. I mean, im sorry but if her daughters are dumb, barbie wannabees that have droppe dout of school, (and thats why they wont go to university) don't come and pick on me for your shit... besides aunty, your innocent daughters don't even have to go to university to do the stuff that all the other immature, small shits of today are doing, cos they doing right under your freaking fat nose...
AND, your daughters dont go out anywhere, becuase BOTH their boyfriends are always in YOUR house, and taking your daughters out, so, they dont have any other friends that they have to meet/ socialzie with.....

Gosh, im so angry, what right do people like this have, to talk about others like this. To defame character, and jump to conclusions just becuase we study? And if my parents trust me, and know that im not doing anything sinister, what business it is of hers or anyone esle for that matter....

These Indian aunties seriously, have nothing better to do, than to sit and slander, and spread rumors , why dont they look at their own families, and try changing them FIRST !!!

My best friend's sister gave birth to a baby girl yesterday... so, the newborn angel, now shares her birthday with me... The OLD ANGEL !!!

if u cannot read the cartoon it says:

Farmer: What are you talking about? Just lay eggs !
Hen: Not without an epidural !!!

i thought it was really funny ....

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME ME ME !!!

I have decided to screen my past year, the way CNN and BBC do on the 31st of december every year!!
so, these are the highlights of my 24th year on planet Earth my fellow earthlings...

27-07-2005 --- 27-07-2006

exciting, interesting, invigorating, life-altering, confidence-enhancing, woth-determining, and definitely character moulding....

24 was the age that i think that i've "FOUND MYSELF" ... so, hopefully, ive averted the quater life crisis then hey...

It has been a wonderful yr, filled with more joy than sorrow (thankfully) , laughter and a realisation that u cannot control your future, but when the future sneaks up on you, you should embrace it, and not run scared into the night!!! (i may be turning philosophical in my old age )

contrary to popular belief, i DONT use a microscope in my lab,but i do have a pH meter, so i thought id give a scientific analogy:

When changing the pH of a solution, the pH rangees from 1-14, 1 being acidic and 14 very basic, neutral is 7 (you all should remeber this this from grade 7/8 science anyway) so, in order to adjust to an acid, one uses a stronger acid (eg. hydrochloric acid , drop at a time,) and to make a bsic solution, sodium hydroxide or the like) but, in both cases, there is a fine point whereby just a half a drop in excess may cause the pH to change drastically.

in the same way, (yes, there was a reason for the science lesson) our reactions to certain situations should be withheld, and the results will be in less catastrophic if we just take the time, and do things slowly, drop by drop !!!

A few stats from my yr:
weddings attended: 7
engagements : 3
Baby showers : 2
bridal Showers : 4
Birthday bashes : 6
Family do's : too many to count
Blind dates / set-ups : 6
Almost set-up's: 2
Awkward refusals to set -ups : 2 (esp when the guy i kinda had a crush on, wanted to set me up with a friend of his )...
AND, the second one was a fairy-tale viewing, Rupunzel style... I was on the 4th floor balcony at our apartment, and this guy was on the ground floor, it was after sunset, (so i couldnt see properly) and it was meant to be a "viewing" of sorts !!!

experiments that have worked for my Msc : approx. 12 (not enough)
conferences attended : 3 local, 1 national
car accidents involved in: 1 - my fault (bumper bash)
2 - recipient of a bumper bash (bashee not basher)
3 - bumper got ripped off, I wasnt in the car at the time, was standing on the sidewalk, staring in disbelief!!!
Holidays: 2 (durban and Cape Town both really awesome)
and most importantly
Amount of hrs spent shopping: approx 208 hrs (52 weeks , with average of 4 hrs a wk)
therefore, more tahn enough calories burnt walking the shopping malls (esp with bags) and no additional exercise needed !!!

therefore, its been a fruitful year... hopeful 25 will be just as wonderful!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Birthday Blues

Isn't it funny how single people and attached people experience different things on their birthdays?
I guess the nicest thing about your birthday,if u are in some sort of "romantic association at the time would be :
(being an eternally pathetic romantic at heart) i would expect the significant other to call the "birthday- person" at exactly 00h00 on the day, so that he/she is the first person to wish X a happy birthday, and then, later in the day, a huge bunch of the person's favorite flowers will be sent to their job/lab/office/shop/home.

whereas, single people wont wait for a specific person to call, and therefore, (hopefully) wont get upset if 1 person forgot to call/ sms, they will most probably be sleeping when the clock strikes 12, so, no unwanted calls to wake u up, and flowers just die anyway, so why waste money right?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

by the by..

quick post , have a meeting with the powers that make/break me i.e. my supervisor (who has returned after 2 wks in brazil n 3 wks in UK) so, no time today...

Wtched The Lake House... "surreal but nice" !!!!" Read somewhere that the movie was called " A Fantasy Gem " . I may be a bit biased though, cos it was a romantic, fluffy movie with the sweet ending that always has me in tears at the end!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006


to all those that have dstv, and are at home on a friday night.... (and ladies that thought Freddie Prince Jnr. was gorgeous.) watch his new sitcom FREDDIE (original hey?) on GO!(not sure if it was re-runs at 9'o clock or if thats the time of the show) it is really, really hilarious. I watched it for the first time, and the one-liners are witty and smart. eg. Freddie's friend got a new girlfriend and she was a really dumb blonde. When F got an intro to her, she on a tee-shirt with "pyscho chic" across the front... so, after the intro, Freddie says: "psycho chic, WOW! u come with the label!!! (n she didnt get it)

anywayz, Being the impatient person that i am, i was really anxious to go and have alook at the sky-rink that VIrgin-Mobile had put up at the Nelson Mandela Square, so I went down on sat. afternoon . Its really cool, and looks very inviting, but, I scted my age, n didnt go skating cos there were a whole lot of teeny-weeny bobbers on the ice.. I think a weekday should be fun to do it ....

Best friend and I took a long drive yesterday to "springs" (very small, sad town bout 45 mins from JHB) cos Best friend no. 2 's sister had a baby, so the family had a huge lunch. About 350 ppl were invited, all ooohing and aaaahhhing over a 2kg baby, that slept through-out his Welcome-to the-world bash, and we ended sitting on a table with ex-campus mates who are now ALL married and have an average of two kids each, and one on the way, so the topics varied from Epidurals, milk formulas, kids eating habits and Household choresand local gossipabout the over-aged "aunties " that live next door... we were not entertained and i hope i never EVER become like them... cos they were VERY BORING !!!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Please Help !!!!

im just a silly, stupid sentimental fool, but, I need some advice. Remember the Dr. Idiot? Well, his Birthday is on the 25th, (tuesday) n im not sure if i should email/sms him to wish him happy birthday or not. Its not that i want to be his friend or anything dumb like that... but i always, always, wish every person that i know Happy Birthday( even those ppl that are no longer my friends get an sms/ email from me) cos ur b-day, is the one day in the yr, when u can be happy n feel important cos ur buzzing with messages the whole day..

therefore, i have decided to run a poll of my own, (the way CNN is running their dumb-ass one on whether Isreal has a right to bomb Lebanon? I mean get a freaking life???? 44% of the ignorant shmuck asses said yes!!!! ) n then i will decide to be sweet or a BITCH !!!!

JHB hospitality

while i was away at the conference (3 wks ago,) i met 2 very snobbish indian girls from Cape Town. Myself, being the naturally friendly person that i am, went up to them, introduced myself n started talking to them, but the next day when i greeted, they turned away without replying to my greeting.. thats when my "bitch" side got activated, and i didnt even smile at them thereafter.

But, on the wednesday(which was the last day of the con.) i met 3 other indian, muslim girls who are also SCIENTISTS... YES, it was a big deal, i mean, not, one, but THREE, !!! these girls were really sweet, and at the banquet that nite, they asked the waiter to bring me a plate of Halaal food to the table that i was sitting at, so that i didnt have to stand in the long queue with eveyone else. Upon returning home, i emailed one of them, to thank them for their kindness, and since them, we have become email-buddies. so, when she emailed Yesterday and asked if i could help a friend of hers that is in JHB for a course, i agreed to help her friend out.

So, met this girl n took her Fordsburg(naturally, thats were all the good food is..) and got her some nice Halaal food , took her around to show her the very unexciting sights n sounds(where do u take someone thats has the BEACH as their ourdoor entertainment here in the highveld?) and then dropped her back off at her hotel room... she was a really lovely person, with a Capetonian accent N it was her first time in jozi.....

Thursday, July 20, 2006

today, in a week

a week from today, i will be turning a quarter of a century old ... !!! sob, sob,laugh , laugh (dont wont whether to laugh or cry... )

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

why ???? u ask!!

for all those that want to know y i have a stupid, dumb-ass pic of a microscope attached to my profile.....

its becos..

even though he has known me for SEVEN yrs, the only thing that my inventor/discoveror ZEE could suggest as a pic for me when he was explaning how to attach the silly pic was a microscope.... A MICROSCOPE for crying out loud??? I dont even use a microscope in my lab... but, nevertheless, just to humour u darling zee, i now have a picture of a boring microscope (tried getting a compund electron microscopeto make it exciting (yay!!) but the size was too big, but, it will be edited SOON... !!!!

The Mistress of Spices

I took the morning off from work today, and I went to watch The Mistress of Spices.... Not because of Aishwairya Rai, but becos the review given in the newspaper on sunday, wasnt a good one, so I had to judge for myself.... and I thought it was really, really SWEET!!! (spices included lol) Ash looked stunning(esp in the red sari), as always, but she isnt my fav. Bollywood star, but the hunky Dylan Mcdermott was soooooo sexy... I guess i can understand the movie critics view-point, but if u leave ur thinking-brain at the door, I think one will enjoy the show.. the moral of the story is that Love finds u, even when u dont know what love is ... true example of serendipity

Monday, July 17, 2006

Cars, Hobbies and all things nice!!

I have so much to say, that i dont know where to begin...

Took my nephew out on saturday evening to watch "cars"... he fell asleep halfway through the movie, but i enjoyed it tremendously. It was soo soo cute... The "girl" car,(Sally) was a lilac porsche, and the sound effects of the movie were so brilliantly done, that when she drives off, u can be forgiven for thinking that a porsche just passed u by... the storyline was really brilliant and Owen Wilson's voice was perfect as "Lightning McQueen."

The where Lightning lands up in, is called Radiator Springs, a neglected small town in Carbarator Canyon. His new found best friend is a rusty truck called Tow Mater, and the dude that owns the tyre fitment centre is Italian, so his son( the forklift) has made a Leaning tower of Tyres outside their garage.... it was adorable!!!

I would def. rate this movie a close second to the Shrek editions. My favourite quote from the movie rite now is" U don't need to know where u going, u should just remember where you've been" (im sure i will pick up a few more, after watching it a trillion times at home on dvd..)

Tried going to watch The BREAK-UP yesterday , but got to the Zone at half-five exactly, and the only seats available were in the front row, so we gave it a miss and went for supper instead(food is always an option) ... planning on going to watch it tomorrow(hopefully, cos im running experiments simultanously today so, i think i deserve at least a halfa day off, and then i will come in after 2 o' clock tom, and do another quick exp.

Latest Hobby
in between my busy schedule and juggling time, i try to always take up new hobbies, which i get a really good start on, and then my interest rapidly dwindles.. i started Waterpainting, bought the canvas and the works , read up as much as i could 'bout it, and after my first pic (which my brother said looked like a preschool child had painted" i shelved the idea. a few months later, i ventured into a bead shop in melville and hence, a new hobbie was born. however, i had no patience to sit and make swarovzki crystal earrings and necklace pieces, so i stuck to making really pretty key-rings with the bauble crystal at the end of the ring etc. but, after making and giving them to all my friends, family and work-mates, I ran out of keys, to attache the key-rings to..... and thats when my new and current hobby was born. while vegging out, and watching TV, i saw an advert of the new "Creative Papercraft" , went out and bought the first edition, (wherein i saw all the cool free stuff u receive if u subscribe)so, i am now a subscriber to Papercraft, and every two weeks I have to go the post office, stand in a long and S-L-OW queue of ppl, so that i can receive my parcel!!! and thats not all, does anyone knbow how much handmade paper costs? I have now officially spent hundreds(if not over a thousand ) of rands on bits n pieces of coloured paper that were once poor trees, but had the misfortune of being grown in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now, they have been turned into Japanese paper, Handmade paper, acid-free paper, silk paper, crepe paper ... but, nevertheless, this is a hobby which i can actually DO, and the end-products are quite pretty... so, if anyone hasnt had their birthday yet this yr, u know what kinda birthday u'll be getting... A handmade one specially from Ruby!!!!
(gotta go work now, so,my best-friend's "tea- serving " story will have to be told tomorrow!!! )

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the best things in life are ... EXTINCT!!!

Some may find this strange, but i have always had a fascination with the dodo bird.. mayb its becos this bird had been linked to dinosaurs and pre-historic creatures, or mayb its becos the dodo is the National bird of Mauritius (ha ha ha, n all ppl from there may strive to portray their characters as the dodo bird... hmmm, ) nonetheless, ive always liked this extinct creature. whilst in PMB , we stopped over at the Natal museum (which had freaky larger than life ants and insects on the entrance wall) and we saw the most wonderful displays( never been to a museum before, so it was quite an experince for me)... The dodo however, was the coolest !!!
so, took a pic n when i got home, showed it to my almost-4-yr-old nephew, who couldnt understand 1) what he was supposed to look at. 2) what extinct meant 3) after showing him a pic of a tiger also at the museum, he asked me if the tiger was also Extinct!!! (he is really very cute) and then, he got bored with me n my museum pics and fell off to sleep!!!!

its a pity, the children of this generation may nevr find the simple things in life as fascinating as the dodo bird!!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


for those ppl that dont know what SASBMB stand for... Shame on u .. (go to post" away from the madness"

Anywayz, my trip was such a blast. The conference was really very informative, with 15 plenary speakers (13 were international) and a total of 280 delegates .. (and i was one of them!!!) so, the talks were okay, some were really fascinating and some were so boring that i nodded off into bliss two mintues into the talk...
The food was edible, the B& B that we stayed at was really nice and the trip as a whole, was a wonderful bonding sessions for the 5 of us that went.

we spent the entire day of monday at the confernence, so on tuesday morn we decided to skip a few, n go out sightseeing around the Midlands of Kwazilu Natal... The pic of the waterfall( was taken from my cellphone), is the Howick falls, which is apparently the longest/tallest falls in Southern Africa. The tour groups there offer a package were u can hike (5 kms) to the base of the falls to have a picnic etc, and then hike back, but, due to time constraints, we were unable to do that!!!
so, after the falls, we went to the Natal Botanical Gradens.. and the 2nd pic is THE Plant Tree Avenue.. which is really awesome, and pretty cool to walk through...
After the gardens (and a walk in the forest) got back to the conference in time for one of us to give her talk, after which we took part in a volleyball tournament (we called ourselves Ubercool Jozi Chicks (UJ get it?) anywayz, we lost in the first round of the tournament, but i reckon that the coastal uni's have an unfair advantage, cos they play beach volleyball more often than us highvelders right?? but it was fun nontheless....

Monday, July 10, 2006

ITALY !!!!!

well done to Italy, and to all the really HOT guys on the team that made it so much easier to watch the match.... :> :>