Wednesday, October 24, 2007

back by popular demand

As a not-so frequent blogger of late, the most flattering thing happened today..
Two guys that used to read my blog regularly, found me on facebook, and asked why i haven't written in such a long time.. (they also complained about the quality of blog posts , putting the blame on facebook, for slowly down the activity around blogland, to which i do agree, but FB is different.. cos its all about people that know/knew you at some stage in your life, and i don't know about you guys, but i cant always say what I'm thinking, for the simple reason.. people's feeling's may be hurt although sometimes they would be deserving of that!! i don't know if I'm making any sense.. but that's how i feel, aside from the fact also, that facebook is damn slow, even when you connected via Vodacom's 3G/HSDPA.. blah blah, for me blogger still rules!!! yay!!

As for whats been happening in Ruby's world: well, just to let you know

singleguy, i took the reply that you suggested and sent that to the loser, ending off with a suggestion that he jumps off the shortest cliff that he finds in his friendly city, and he replied my message by saying: ok, i understand... Ramadaan Mubarak... which really p*&%$@ me off.. but, i refuse to response... A loser will stay what a loser is!!!

re: Mr nice/awesome guy... what is it with men? i swear, sometimes they worst than women, with constant PMS... all was going well, to the point were my dad said that his family should come home with a formal proposal etc, and now he has cold feet.. and thinks that he needs some time to think, and wants to read istighara.. which is fine, i don't have a problem with that, but ... three months ago, when i read mine, he was the one that said he is 120% sure, and does want to read it !! so why the change now??? go figure !!! Sometimes i think my dumb plants that refuse to grow for weeks on end are easier to deal with than these stupid people that i seem to be constantly meeting... oh yeah, here is a question for u guys: when you go off to "find yourself" which type of rocks are you looking under??? I hope you have your searching glasses on at the time...


qdee said...

hey welcome back!! missed you and your pink awsomeness.
o.m.g i want to know the answer to that question too! its those intellectual intense ones that are all fired up at the beginning and then go find themselves. i think they go to band camp and never come back the same...
its like a dog chasing its tail. to find yourself, you just have to look within. or in the mirror.
methinx it'll pass, and by december, you'll be hitched ;)

SingleGuy said...'re fantastic...and gutsy! I had no idea you'd really send him that message, but good on you!! The fact that he emailed back such a placid message means one thing, that the other chick dumped his ass too and now he is looking for something he lost long ago, for you to care about him.

About Mr Nice/Awesome. Give him some time. He knows what he wants, but for it to come to being is something else. It's like that saying which I don't understand, about having your cake and eating it, OK, maybe that analogy doesn't work. In anycase, I reckon he'll be back once he has realised that this is it, saying goodbye to bachelorhood is a big thing, saying yes to a lifetime shared with someone else is an even bigger thing.

Finding oneself, just means making peace with what needs to be done. If he is all that, he'll come back, cos in the words of the immortal John Wayne: A man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do!

Ruby :) said...

qdee: im glad to hear that u missed me.. i promise to be more punctual from now on with my updates..Re; the band camp, i agree, i think "and this one time, at band camp" should be a guy phrase instead!
SG: sweetie, of course i sent him that msg, you teh one that told me to remember.... as for the other chic.. well, im a girl, which gives me the right to be sneaky at times.. (i checked on his facebook profile, and she is not listed as a firnd, and he isnt on her friends list either..) so u may just be right.. she prob. dumped his sorry fat ass... and i say good on her!!
as for Mr Nice /Awesome/currently confused: i hope that like all your previous advice , this one is also true, and it does work out, cos i tooik things so easy, and now that he is uncertain, i have come to realise how much i really wanted it to work out ...will keep u posted!
btw: what happened to nanima?