Thursday, October 25, 2007

jealousy rears it ugly head!

what would you do?

I have a confession to make... i don't handle jealousy very well.. if fact, i don't handle it all... I never have, and i don't think i really know how to.. the reason being, i don't see why anyone should fight/argue/ with anyone that could be potentially hazardous to ones health, and so, i do what any person scared witless of being confronted by the outcome of incorrectness would do... i back off!!
i know, it may be a cowardly way of doing things, but my reasoning has always been, that if the person even thought it, then so be it.. they can have it.. until now...
ok, i just re-read what i wrote, and i am also confused, so don't worry.. i will explain..

see, i was once in a situation where a girl saw a guy, and she immediately heard bells ringing, and a choir singing, and on-the-spot realised that he was her soul-mate, regardless of the fact that he wasn't single, and made a play for him.. the result being, that he left his current girlfriend and is now married to the girl with the supersonic hearing... and all was well in their little fairytale world.. but, the consequences of that union, was that the other girl, was left to deal with all the lying and deceit that the situation had produced, and the by-product of that was she learnt not to care too much.. so she made up her own fairytale, and thinking that she was Rapunzel, looked her heart up, in a stone tower, so that she would never have to deal with a similar situation ever again... until now!!

A story along similar threads, only this time, it deals with a friend that this girl has known all her high school life.. who cant seem to get the point, and back off..

The story goes like this:
Cast: Ruby-Girl
Friend with intentions
Matchmaker friend I
MR Nice guy
Friend saw Mr nice guy about a year ago, and asked Matchmaker friend, who is friends with both girls, to set her up.. but at the time, Mr nice guy, was seeing someone, so he said Mr nice guy is already spoken for... until, friend bumped into ruby-girl and Mr Nice guy, on their first date.. Friend, being a typical sneaky chic, said nothing but emailed Ruby-girl the next day and asked if it was a first date she witnessed, and ruby-girl, being the innocent, friendly person that she is, said yes, and she was so excited, told her all about Mr Nice guy...
3 months later: ruby-girl organizes a girls reunion, and invites Friend along.. whilst having coffee, Friend asks all so innocently: so, ruby-girl, whats happened to the guy that i saw you with? and Ruby-girl, still being an oblivious fool, says: oh, things are fine, he met my parents etc. etc. etc... to which Friend says: oh, but wasn't he getting married to someone, cos when i found out, Matchmaker I said that he was taken... But, dumb Ruby-girl, didn't realise what Friend said, until later that evening, when she was analyzing with best friend all the fun that everyone had at the re-union...

one month later, post Ramadaan
friend emails Ruby-girl (again) and asks: so, any good news yet? or is it over with the guy, and at the same time, phones Matchmaker friend to ask about Mr Nice guy...
now, Ruby-girl is completely p&%*$# off with this chic, but Mr nice guy, finds the entire situation hilarious, cos to him, its a major ego boost, that this girl is still after him, (although she is subtle in her moves right now) and thinks that Ruby-girl should be flattered that someone wants the guy that she has, but All Ruby-girl wants to do is bash Friend with intentions head in.. and that is the first time ever, that calm, always in control Ruby-girl is freaking out.. for no reason at all.. cos Mr Nice guy, doesn't even remember Friends name(it's a complicated funny name) but Ruby-girl is livid... do u blame her ???


Bibi-Aisha said...

Umm,i'm still a bit confused:-) u call that girl a friend?! and y didn't matchmaker friend tell u she was interested in ur guy? as for his reaction, i suppose anybody would be flattered. As long as he doesn't do anything naturally. As for dealing with 'friend's' jealousy, i'd either ignore it, or tell her(with his support) that what she did is so low, and that u two r happy 2getha, and she should respect that. Or something along those lines. Welcome back,ruby:-)

r said...

i don't blame ruby girl at ALL! self confessed jealous girl right here.. And girls like that deserve to be shot. Troublemakers. Just cut contact with her. and you can take off word verification by clicking settings on your blogger dashboard, click comments and it should have an option there. Best of luck with the green eyed monster!

Fatima said...

that girl is not a friend.
she needs to be rid of.
keep your distance from her.

saaleha. bamjee. hyphen. said...

sounds like a right royal bitch. those soap-opera villainess types.
write her out of your storyline.

The Organ Harvester said...

well nice to have you back ruby. Just from a guy's perspective sometimes you cant control the jealousy and you end up taking it on the one person you shouldnt, the SO. Rather lash out at friend with intentions, maybe throw some personal history at her, sneer and make fun of her shoes. You will break her confidence and she will be too afraid to mess around with another happy couple.

On the serious side, jealousy messes with your mind. I had one (believe that) jealousy explosion and it was all rather costly. Hindsight is 20/20 and we live with a nice covering of regret because of some stupid little abortion bucket escapee. Rather use the energy to to love.

I'm in an excellent mood.

Yes nice to have you back

Nadz said...

Dont worry nice girls always win in the end,and she's definetly not worth being friends with.

ZK said...

mmm jealousy sigh
loose her
keep him
all good and rosy